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F   I   R   M

As an interior design firm and brand, Shon Parker Design, Inc. has continued a reinforced commitment to developing exclusive personal service for exceptional clientele.


Its experienced team of architects and designers are dedicated to creating well-designed private residences and real estate projects.

Shon Parker Design, Inc. provides its clients with comprehensive design services—a wide variety of projects ranging from room decoration to complete architectural planning. While implementing the Parker style in different contexts and with different color palettes, the ultimate aim of the firm is to continuously respond to the demands and wishes of the client. This consultancy takes responsibility throughout the entire span of the project, beginning with site analysis, research and client meetings, and continuing throughout construction until the final placement of furniture and accessories.

The scope of Shon Parker Design, Inc. has spanned several years and numerous projects throughout the United States. These projects vary in nature and complexity, from apartments in the most exclusive locations, to private estates, to exotic holiday villas and prestigious commercial complexes. Most recent clients include The Lake Placid Lodge and The Adirondack Club in upstate New York.

S H O N   P A R K E R

The award-winning designer, who founded his eponymous firm in Atlanta in 2000, has long stood apart for his ability to straddle design aesthetics and moods, while always imbuing rooms with a noticeable energy or vibration. Parker innate abilities let him craft spaces that embody the end user’s very essence.

“When I first visit a client’s home, I don’t just look at the objects in a room, but the entire envelope of the environment,” he explains. “I am interested in how people live as a whole. This is what triggers my senses.” Excited by each new seed of possibility, Parker proves his instincts time and time again, delivering exactly what his clients were envisioning… even if they were not able to vocalize it. “It happens very quickly,” he says. “I can walk into a space, examine its architecture, and see what a room wants to be.

Parker has been cultivating his innate design abilities since childhood, when he began drawing house plans at the tender age of 10. By 18, Parker left a small but soulful Alabama town to study design at the Art Institute of Atlanta. His post-college career brought him from one boutique company to the esteemed Baker Furniture, where he designed floor displays throughout his 20s. Once, during his tenure at the renowned showroom, Parker slipped away to Chicago to showcase his original line of contemporary pottery in a slick, Gucci-esque display. They attracted overwhelming interest, including that of acclaimed designer Barbara Barry, who insisted that the vessels be shown in all of her subsequent Baker displays. In time, the designer also offered Parker a position at her firm, but he went out on his own instead, forming Shon Parker Design with partner Tim Coughlin in 2000.

Over the past 13 years, Shon Parker has fashioned rooms for the St. Regis Atlanta, won numerous awards for furniture design, appeared on national design television programs and blogs, collected countless media accolades and, most recently, designed in a Relais & Chateaux property The Lake Placid Lodge that serves as a favorite haunt of celebrities and regular site of Ralph Lauren fashion shoots. Always polished, consistently versatile, the spaces Shon Parker creates segue effortlessly among the classical, contemporary and rustic, mixing each discipline with amazing deftness. Whether Parker is outfitting a genteel lodge in the rugged Adirondacks or creating a contemporary environment for an urban dweller, the results remain the same: approachable, layered, sophisticated and personal, much like Parker himself. “I want people to feel welcome,” he says warmly. And in a Shon Parker-designed space, you always do.

T I M   C O U G H L I N

Shon Parker has a gift for getting design projects done fast: “It’s the city side of me; my mind and creativity can never quite slow down,” he says. But it’s his partner Tim Coughlin who’s best equipped to keep up with Parker’s fast-moving mind. Rounding out the designer’s prolific creativity, Coughlin’s clerical genius keeps the whole show on schedule. Thanks to an extensive background in customer relations, event planning, budgeting, administration and marketing, Coughlin has a curious ability to see the unfolding of every project months into the future. His is a sharpness fine-tuned through years of restaurant management, real estate work, formal teaching and classical musical performance. And it’s this varied aptitude that gives Shon Parker Design its edge.

The initial client meeting is indispensable; while Parker is envisioning a design scheme that will make their clients’ dreams come to life, Coughlin is gathering all of the essential information about time frames, budget limits and communication preferences. His assessments determine how involved, or uninvolved, a client wishes to be throughout the process, which allows for a very natural and fluid working relationship. The yin to Parker’s yang, Coughlin is chief caretaker, committed to meeting goals and making customers happy every step of the way. With these factors perfectly in place, the process of working with Shon Parker Design becomes uncommonly, invariably pleasant.

Coughlin is originally from the northern Adirondacks of New York, and his heritage was the catalyst for bringing Shon Parker Design to a second home city. Together, the pair’s adroitness for business allows them to bridge their two headquarters in Atlanta and Lake Placid, seamlessly serving clients in both locales. No matter where their clients reside, Shon Parker Design gives them an environment that feels, sophisticated, energizing and, most importantly, like home.

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