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House Beautiful February 2017 Before and After Shon Parker Design
Shon Parker is featured in
House Beautiful  
see how he transformed a
100 year old English Cottage

Full Service

Residential & Commercial Design

Full Service

Bathroom and Kitchen Design

2 "Southeast Designer of Year Awards"

  From the East Coast to the       West Coast  &  in between;         designing Interiors for                   "Your Lifestyle" 

      and your ever changing                         terrain


Top 3 Design Firms~Atlanta Business Chronicles

Interview with Shon~

When did you learn you had a nack for design?

Shon: I started designing dream houses on paper when I was 10 years old with crayons and pencil. Of course nothing was in scale, but I was a dreamer!

What is your favorite type of design?

Shon: Over the years, I have been influenced by classical, modern and rustic interiors in that order.

How old were you during those inspirational design periods of your life?

Shon: Classical was something I loved in my early 20's, Modern soon followed in my mid 20's where I wanted everything as simple as it could be- it was all about Form and the bold feel.  Rustic came about from my Grandmother's Farmhouse in my childhood years and then very Rustic in my early 30's visiting the Adirondacks.  It has a familiarity to me.

Do you incorporate those elements in your designs today?

Shon: Absolutely, I think it has been the basis of all my designs and allows me to mix them together to create fresh new interiors. 

Do you consider Architecture in your design?

Shon: Yes, I was going to be an Architect before I decided Interior Design was my calling, but I end up doing both for clients.   I always develop the envelope of the room and is a big part and facet of how all the Interiors come together.

What are you fascinated with right now? 

Shon: I have a love for American Farmhouses and things made in the USA. 

            Meet Mr. Bailey

see his

"Behind the Scenes"

on the set of House Beautiful photoshoot


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Our clients are the best and they want to share their enthusiasm with you and why Shon Parker Design can help you make your Interior dreams come true.

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East Westley Kitchen After 1
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SPD Library After 2
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East Westley Bathroom 2

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